Kauffman Inclusion Challenge

Kauffman Inclusion Challenge

Welcome to the Kauffman Inclusion Challenge!

At the Kauffman Foundation, we believe that entrepreneurship provides individuals and families a pathway to economic independence.

But research shows that women and people of color start businesses at significantly lower rates and often struggle to secure equivalent capital and support.

The Kauffman Foundation wants to help make entrepreneurship a viable option for everyone who has a great idea and the grit to bring it to life. So, we launched the Kauffman Inclusion Challenge, an innovative program designed to find, understand and grant funds to programs that can help female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color achieve higher rates of success. We expect to award $7 million to $8 million in grants over the next two years, at up to $500,000 per grantee. The response has been overwhelming so far.

Why are we doing this? These studies say it all.

Importance of programs in efforts to address gender and minority gap in entrepreneurship

Women and minorities are starting businesses at a significantly lower rate

Women financing challenges

Minority financing challenges

Diverse teams more likely to outperform non-diverse teams